Complementary Portfolio Review

Is your investment portfolio ready for the market’s next move?


How much are you paying in fees?

Over time the difference of just 1% has a big impact on how much money you will have.

How often is your portfolio turning over?

Unnecessary trading drives up trading costs and takes you out of the market.

Are your investments growing their businesses?

We believe investing is about holding businesses that can grow over the long term.

Are you diversified globally?

Canada is a great place to live but there are many investment opportunities outside of our borders.

How large is your biggest position?

It’s great to own a lot of a stock rising, but what if it falls?

How correlated are your holdings?

Why put all of your eggs in one basket, diversify to lower risk.

Do you have enough cash on hand?

It’s hard to take advantage of market opportunities when you are fully invested.


Let us take a free look at your portfolio and let you know what we think.

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