BNN Market Call Tonight – March 28, 2018 – Past Picks


A global medical technology company engaged in the sale of medical devices, instrument systems and reagents used by healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public. The company began as a major manufacturer of syringes. It recently merged with C.R. Bard, which gives them greater exposure to ostomy care, catheters and colostomy bags.

  • Then: $184.13
  • Now: $212.42
  • Return: 15.36%
  • Total return: 17.02%


Littelfuse makes fuses and other circuit protection devices for use in the automotive, electronic and general industrial markets. It also makes LED lights and sensors. With the surge in electrification demand, Littelfuse should benefit from the need for fuses. Its first dividend was issued at $0.60 a share in 2010 and it has grown since then to $1.48 a share, an annual increase of 18 per cent.

  • Then: $158.33
  • Now: $201.61
  • Return: 27.33%
  • Total return: 28.31%


Dassault provides CAD/CAM software applications services designed to support their clients’ innovation processes. Dassault helps in the 3D design process of a product or idea by calculating the best way to build it at the lowest cost. Earnings have been helped by sales to new clients and ongoing upgrade support and service to existing clients.

  • Then: €82.15
  • Now: €110.10
  • Return: 34.02%
  • Total return: 34.89%

Total return average: 26.74%